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Product Questions

What is in the Tooth Fairy Flylight™ boxed set?

The Tooth Fairy Flylight™ boxed set comes with the following two items in a single box:

1) Storybook: A hardbound 32 page illustrated children's book The Tooth Fairy Flylight: A Tale of Lost Tooth Mishaps and the Magical Light That Changed Everything

2) Flylight: A projector nightlight in the shape of a tooth that quietly shines a colorful pattern of shapes on the ceiling

Do I have to use the tooth fairy tray for the lost tooth?

We know there are all kinds of special traditions out there! If you plan to use a favorite tooth pillow or leave the lost tooth somewhere other than the Flylight, don't worry; the Flylight doesn't require a tooth in the tray in order to turn on. The tooth fairy tray was designed as an easy place for tooth fairies to locate and collect a lost tooth.

Where does the money/present go?

Anywhere your tooth fairy wants! Currently, there's no designated spot on the Flylight for a tooth fairy to leave their present. Some suggested places to leave a gift are tucked underneath the Flylight or at the end of a trail of glitter. Tooth fairies can feel free to get creative!

Does the tooth fairy tray make the tooth disappear?

No. The tooth fairy tray is just a space to place a lost tooth where tooth fairies can easily find it.

How bright is the light display?

The small LED light bulbs inside the Flylight project shapes on the ceiling and walls depending on where the Flylight is placed. It's bright enough to see the shapes, but not so bright to disturb sleep. The silent operation and slow changing of colors from blue, to green, to red, actually make the Flylight the perfect nightlight. And it shuts off automatically after 60 minutes.

Where should I place the Flylight light?

A night stand, or other solid surface in the bedroom would probably be the best location. Please do not allow a child to sleep with the Flylight under a pillow, or with them in bed. The best way to see the projected shapes is to allow the Flylight space around it to shine onto the ceiling and walls.

What if my child has already had a visit from the Tooth Fairy?

You can introduce the Tooth Fairy Flylight™ tradition at any time! In fact, the story makes it especially easy. Legend has it the Flylight was invented by tooth fairies after some silly grown-ups had some trouble getting a tooth fairy's attention about a lost tooth.

How is the Flylight powered?

The Flylight is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

My light display is starting to look less bright.

Sounds like it's time to replace the batteries! The LED bulbs are engineered to last for a very long time (years!), but the batteries do tend to drain after several uses. If you notice your Flylight projected shapes looking less sharp and the colors not as bright, replace all 3 AA batteries with fresh cells. Do not mix batteries.

I have a problem with my Flylight.

Please contact us via email at support@toothfairyflylight.com. We will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

What if my child swallowed their tooth? Or can't find it?

It happens more than you think! Don't worry, tooth fairies believe every lost tooth is a cause for celebration and an opportunity to bring special surprises. Simply shine the Flylight the same way you would as if the tooth were there.

We've heard of kids leaving a note for their tooth fairy, or cutting out a tooth shape from a piece of paper and leaving that in the tray instead. We would love to hear any clever ideas you have! Comment on our Instagram page @toothfairyflylight or drop us a note in the contact form below.

My child wants to try out the Flylight / use the Flylight as a nightlight but hasn't lost a tooth yet. What can I tell them?

Of course, kids want to see tooth fairy magic in action right away! We understand. The tooth fairies love test displays of their Flylight magic! You can tell your child their tooth fairy only visits when a lost tooth has been placed in the tray, and the Flylight is on, so test away! (For a swallowed or missing lost tooth see the FAQ above)

Order Questions

Can I purchase the storybook and Flylight separately?

Not at this time. The storybook and Flylight are designed to be used together. If you are in need of an extra book or Flylight, please reach out to us in the contact form below to inquire about a special order.

Can siblings share a Tooth Fairy Flylight™ boxed set?

Absolutely! But, if you are in need of an extra book or Flylight, please reach out to us in the contact form below to inquire about a special order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders are processed within 2 business days.

Shipping times vary but are usually within 5-9 days for the FREE ECONOMY shipping. Upgraded express shipping options are available. Click here for more information.

What is the return policy?

Please visit here for the return policy.


I have a question that isn't listed here.

Please contact us via email at support@toothfairyflylight.com. We will respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.

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