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Hi! I’m Brooke Meisenzahl, the Founder of Tooth Fairy Flylight.  Everything started with my daughter’s fascination with the Tooth Fairy!  She’s now 16, but back when she had her first wiggly tooth, she asked a million questions about the Tooth Fairy: Where does she live? How will she know when I lose my tooth? What’s her name? Does she have a best friend? Does she have a pet? What’s her favorite color….  😆. The list went on!  

She started writing letters to the Tooth Fairy with each lost tooth, thinking that if she went straight to the source, she would get some answers! 🤣 So I-(ahem)- the TOOTH FAIRY, would stay up late with a glass of wine (just assuming here…), type out her replies in a swirly font, and leave the printed letter with the dollar for her to find the next morning.  (Let’s be honest, sometimes it was a $5 if it was all the Tooth Fairy had in her wallet)

This started a penpal correspondence between my daughter and the Tooth Fairy, and it also became the basis for The Tooth Fairy Flylight Storybook, which led to the creation of the magical Tooth Fairy Flylight night light that “summons” a tooth fairy to collect a lost tooth.  

I just LOVED how excited my daughter was about this whole experience.  My son was equally excited when it was his turn (hilarious video I’m saving to post for some special occasion).  I wasn’t an especially crafty mom, as much as I wished that I was, so I started dreaming of a simple way to make the entire event of losing a tooth more…magical!  Also, with how enchanting and intriguing the Tooth Fairy was, I felt like the whole thing had become kind of transactional.

So it took a pandemic for me to finally have the time to sit down and write the book and another 3 1/2 years to actually design and manufacture the Flylight night light in order to have a full magical-tooth-fairy-tradition-in-a-box ready to launch as a business!  I received a truckload of them in my garage late Fall 2023, and have spent the last several months trying to spread the word.  I’m just getting started, and I’m loving every second of it! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me!  Follow along on social media @toothfairyflylight for more of the story, and please share to help me grow!  

Big Smiles,


About the Author + Creator

Brooke Meisenzahl is the fairy queen behind the Tooth Fairy Flylight®. The adventure began with a twinkle of an idea when her daughter lost her first tooth, and it grew brighter with each one that followed. Brooke dedicates the Tooth Fairy Flylight® to her two children for their endless supply of creative inspiration and to her husband for being her biggest fan. She loves them to fairyland and back!

About the Illustrator

Jenna Riggs is a children's book illustrator from the Pacific Northwest. With a love for drawing and a natural ability to capture childhood wonder, she creates illustrations that always make kids smile. In her free time, you can find her raising honeybees and helping teachers and schools get the support they need through Vashon Partners in Education (PIE). A ferry ride from Seattle will take you to Vashon Island, where Jenna lives with her family.

A Match Made in Fairyland

Brooke met Jenna in 2021 when she was searching for an illustrator to help bring the story of The Tooth Fairy Flylight to life. When she first came across Jenna's portfolio, she was captivated by her illustrations, and after one phone call, Brooke knew Jenna was exactly who she was looking for.

Thank you, Jenna, for enduring countless draft changes and staying right there with me the whole way. You are talented beyond measure and I can't thank you enough for creating a world for Lucy and her fairy friends that is far more magical than I ever could have imagined! XOXO-Brooke

Please visit Jenna's portfolio at Jenna Riggs Collaborative.

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